Your 90-Day Plan for Next School Year

Earlier this week I talked about the 7 steps to a successful start to the school year.

STEP ONE: Is your 90-day plan.

The one big idea I gleaned from the book Michael Watkins’ The First 90 Days was to plan out that period with surgeon-like precision.

Watkins asks the reader: What did you want to accomplish by the end of your:

  • First day?

These are great questions to ask. Even better to take action and jot down a plan for those same periods of time.

Whether you are a first-year principal or forty-year veteran this approach works.

And that is why it is STEP ONE of what I call, “The Principal Success Path.”

So a challenge …

How do you want DAY ONE to go for you next school year? Paint a detailed picture of a successful first day.

Detail not in terms of length or beautiful prose …

Detail in terms of a “painted picture” … create a picture that is clear of what you want for DAY ONE that anyone reading it knows exactly what SUCCESS looks like.

When I did my first 90-day plan I used bullet points and that was more than enough.

I look forward to reading what you CREATE.

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