Daniel Bauer

Sep 23, 2021

4 min read

When society has lost its mind, how do you stand tall in your convictions?

Do you have this type of conviction?

  • The 8-period day with 45–50 minute classes.
  • Who has access to advanced classes.
  • Who gets labeled SPED.
  • Everything regarding discipline!
  • The ‘white washing’ of history (If Germany can wrestle with their troubled past, why do Americans prefer to ignore it?)
  • Complaining educators aren’t respected in society (why are you looking to others for affirmation?!?)
  • The thought that educators don’t get paid enough (you are a part of the global 1% richest … perspective!!!)
  • Complaining about lack of time
  • Or parents
  • Or students
  • And so on …

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