Twitter for Educators: How to Crush a Twitter Chat

by Daniel Bauer

Twitter is an engaging place to get #connectEd with other great educators and participate in Twitter chats around topics you care about.

Wait! Even if you are not an educator this article will provide a ton of value on how to participate in Twitter chats. Keep reading 👇👇👇

A Twitter chat is an online discussion hosted on Twitter and focused no a particular topic. And believe me they are on every topic! I’ve hosted Twitter chats on education, podcasting, and book launches.

They occur at the same time each week, bi-weekly, or monthly and normally have the same facilitators.

Twitter chats are also tagged with a hashtag like #leadupchat, which also happens to be my favorite chat at the moment. The hashtag is important because if you use the search function in Twitter (using the hashtag) you can keep track of the chat while it is occurring.

Advanced users use apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. On my iPhone my favorite app is Tweetbot. They have a Mac app too and an iPad app, but I can’t justify buying three apps from the same company on a matter of principle. IMO that might cause me to walk away from Tweetbot all together, but that’s another blog post 😀.

#leadupchat happens every Saturday morning at 8:30 am CST: #leadupchat. It is one hour long (most chats are an hour). This morning we chatted about movement:

  • how to get organizations (and their people) fired up about change
  • how to break through barriers to change
  • how to keep people action-oriented and focused on results
  • why is it difficult to move from idea to action?

Sounds fun, right?

This chat was started by Edu-pioneers Jeffrey Veal and Nathan Lang. You can see their LeadUpNow website here. You can see an example of all the Tweets from a chat we had about white space here.

I’m glad you asked! I created the infographic below as a resource on my blog to help out those new to Twitter chats. Even if you’re not an educator this cheat sheet will help you out.

Key points:

  • use hashtags in all chats … shoot … you should use hashtags in all tweets (but no more than 2 because then you look desperate 😀)
  • Questions are introduced as Q1, Q2, Q3 …
  • Answers are introduced following the same logic A1, A2, A3 …
  • Introduce yourself at the beginning
  • Connect by responding, retweeting (RT), and hearting Tweets
  • Make sure to follow people — this should be about connecting and growing together!

If you want a little more meat then you can check out this video. It was made for novices. The video below is an in depth look at how to participate in a Twitter chat both on a computer or a mobile device.

Some other great Twitter chats I enjoy participating in are as follows:

  • #WeLeadEd
  • #atplc
  • #satchat
  • #satchatwc
  • #edchat

I hope this post shed some light on what a Twitter chat is and how to participate in a chat. If you received any value from the post, then please comment and share on social media.

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