Daniel Bauer

Jul 1, 2021

3 min read

Psychological safety creates “The perfect forum”

Photo by C.Valdez on Unsplash

“Danny, you’ve built the perfect forum for leaders. We can admit what we don’t know. We can ask for help. We discuss how to become less biased. In the mastermind, vulnerability is not seen as weakness. It is seen as a strength.”

What we can learn from Google

So what is psychological safety?

And how can you build psychological safety?

Six questions to consider . . .

  • Do your actions reflect your values?
  • Do your people respect each other and show genuine interest in each other as people?
  • Do you welcome everyone’s thoughts? Especially those with thoughts different than yours!
  • Do you have regular feedback loops built into the organization in order to promote change and improvement?
  • Do you engage in constructive conflict?
  • Is help available to those who need it?

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