Can Chatbots Grow Your Podcast Audience?

Chatbots seem to be all the rage these days and are being utilized in a variety of exciting ways:

Chatbots leverage machine learning and AI to create a brand ambassador for your company. They mimic human conversations to build a relational experience with your clients and help automate simple tasks while growing your business.

Chatbots simply work. According to Slapshot Studio, bots are getting 80% open rates and 35% or higher click through rates.

Email Marketing Daily cites the average open rate across all industries as 22% and click through rate as 4%

At Slapshot Studio, chatbots show a 263% open rate increase and a 775% click through increase from the email marketing average.

We are seeing this type of engagement for two reasons:

  1. Chatbots meet people where they already are on messaging apps.
  2. Because of machine learning, Chatbots only deliver content people care about.

Chatbots + Podcasts = ❤️ at First Sight

Imagine an animated cartoon that was an extension of your podcast …

Someone scans your chatbot code or clicks a FB ad you ran marketing to your ideal listener.

Maybe the code looked something like this …

Scan this code in your FB Messenger app. Click the “People” icon on the bottom left and then choose “Scan code.”

And an instant conversation started within FB Messenger.

To the left is Pete the Podcaster. He has a cute animated segment followed by a custom message to your ideal listener.

Do you see those two blue message bubbles at the end of the message? They are customizable and helps the chatbot understand the perfect content to deliver.

Through this conversation, Pete the Podcaster (the chatbot) can teach your ideal listener how to:

  1. Subscribe via iTunes
  2. Leave a rating and review
  3. Share on social media

After you publish new podcast content, Pete could also push that content or remind the listener that new content is available.

That’s pretty cool technology and that is how chatbots can grow your podcast audience.

Here Pete the Podcaster teaches me how to subscribe and leave a rating and review via iTunes.

As the host of the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast, I would target “principals” in Chicago, IL and distribute my valuable content via a FB ad.

Or maybe I would add a Messenger Scan Code to all my business cards and have people take a picture of the code while networking at a conference.

And Wa-La … a new listener was born and shown is exactly how to engage with my podcast.

This is just one example of how you could design a chatbot to grow your podcast audience.

The sky is really the limit.

Can I help you?

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Host of the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast with over one million downloads 🚀

Host of the Better Leaders Better Schools podcast with over one million downloads 🚀