6 mindset tips to help you be an effective leader

Spaceman by Daniel Bauer

I’ve run my business since 2015, full-time since 2017.

This experience has been some of the most rewarding and challenging work in my life. In today’s post, I’d like to share some observations that I’ve made in the hope that they will benefit you in your leadership position.

Choose Yourself

Everyone fights the imposter.

Steven Pressfield has written a number of books on this topic. We all struggle with a lie which in essence says, “Why me? Who cares about your work?” I am feeling it now as I type these words. When the imposter shows its face many people give up. The professional keeps going. It’s all about choosing yourself.

It’s easy to talk about what you could have accomplished, much harder to actually put in the work.

Two sides of the same coin

Each day brings me an opportunity.

I can be completely overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, and worry, or I can reframe the same situation and look at it through the lens of potential, opportunity, and adventure. They are two sides of the same coin. Both are actually true, but only one can have your focus. The best part is that you get to decide how you look at it. I heard that the entrepreneurial life is feast or famine. Maybe. What if could be one long feast?

I work hard to keep my focus on the potential, opportunity, and adventure that is embedded into each of my days.


The shiny object syndrome is real.

I am a creator. I have published 1000s of pieces of content in the form of Quora answers, Medium and LinkedIn articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts. I create coaching programs for the leaders I serve to help them make better decisions, craft meaningful visions, build world-class cultures, etc. Just the other day I realized that my number one challenge is boredom. So I go off and build a new website, partner in a new business idea, and every time I have the same realization — I am distracted.

FOCUS means following one course until success.

Ideal Life

Yes, I’d like to make more money, but money isn’t everything.

Many entrepreneurs create a hectic schedule of their own making in order to make enough cash so they can finally live the life of their dreams at some point in the future. They have it backward. Plan your ideal life. Live that life now and build a business that supports that dream.

Do not compromise in this area or you will regret it later.


One thing you’ll never regret — acts of generosity.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in growing the business. I have to be intentional about it, but a great business model is generosity. After all, life gives to the giver. I choose to view the world as one of abundance. You don’t have to lose for me to win. Choose to play the infinite game.

As a result, my goal is to be generous in every interaction I have today.

Who Not How

This is common sense but eluded me for a while.

The best way to increase your impact in the world is to find the right “Whos.” When I led a local school, it was easier for me to delegate, probably because I saw my team every day. Even before the pandemic, my work was 95% remote. My team lives in the USA, Europe, and the Philippines. I frequently forget to ask for help. Everything changed for me in recent months and the business has already grown as a result.

My old way of working: reflect on my vision, create a plan on how to get there, and own the majority of the work. This was stressful and less effective than my new way of working.

My current way of working: reflect on my vision, find the right people to execute my vision, develop their skills and provide the resources needed to meet their goals.

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