5 Seth Godin quotes that inspired me this morning …

Seth Godin has deeply influenced my thinking, leadership, and creativity.

Today, I want to gift to you five Seth quotes that are inspirational.

They come from his book Footprints on the Moon which is not available for sale.

I’ll share an idea or two about why I picked these quotes to share. In the comments below (or reply to this email) I’d love to hear which quote resonated with you most?

“Every time we change something for the better, we’re doing our best work.”

I don’t know about you, but I have many aspirational goals. All that matters right now is the current change I’m creating and that is my best work at the moment. This also means that this post is the best thing I’ve written all day … what a fun way to choose to view my work!

“Time is fleeting and you only get today once.”

This is a good reminder to stay focused on the present. There are no redos or retakes.

“Meetings are a great place to hide.”

Meetings are often a waste of time too. This quote challenges me to investigate where I might be hiding from my most important work of the day. It surely won’t happen in a meeting, an email, or on social media.

“Anything that doesn’t lead in the right direction isn’t worth the detour.”

Be clear on your goals and where you are going. The rest is a distraction.

“But big ideas, if you choose to seek them out, are unicorns. They are impossible, mythic and almost certainly not attainable.

Which is the point.”

My JUST CAUSE is “to connect, grow, and mentor every school leader who wants to level up.” That’s ultimately unachievable and I certainly can’t do it by myself. This is great because it forces me to collaborate with others and I find the goal super inspiring.

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