30 Leadership Tips from Super Successful School Administrators

Do things that don’t scale.

Get into classrooms.

Be intentional with your time.

Develop your emotional intelligence.

Understand what a real emergency situation is.

Level up your communication.

People crave authenticity.

Develop an attitude of gratitude.

Get to know everyone in your building.

Your students have the answer.


Practice what you preach.

Moving forward is the best direction.

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Demonstrate patience while pushing educators to evolve.

Create a change community in your school.

Inspire your people.

Be a purple cow. Be an original.

Vision matters.

Create remarkable moments

Learn how to tell great stories.

Avoid hiding behind email.

Connection Matters.

Understand the amount of information you are communicating.

Relationships are core to your success.

The values of design thinking.

Don’t forget who you actually serve!

Be visible. Be accessible.

Show your work!

Engage in mirror moments.

Have a personal growth plan.

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